Miracles still Happen by Rebecca Willman Gernon

peppeeFour years ago my friend Pepee, a woman of great faith, was prescribed a drug with kidney problems as a possible side effect. She took the medicine for six months. On Memorial Day she became unconscious. Her husband rushed her to the hospital. Diagnosed in total kidney failure, her life was touch and go for weeks. Now dialysis was her way of life.

For two years she suffered through four hours of dialysis twice a week, a process that left her drained, disoriented, and discouraged.  There were no good days.

When her doctor asked if she was still drinking water, Pepee said,”Yes.”

“But you’re not supposed to when on dialysis,” he replied. “You will bloat.”

Pepee shrugged.  Facing her third year of dialysis, her technician said, “Pepee, this is your permanent chair. Every time you come in for your dialysis, you will always sit here.”

“Give my chair to someone else. I’m not coming back, ” Pepee said.

“You’ll die if you stop dialysis,” her doctor said.

“How long can I live?” She asked.

“Maybe a week,” the doctor responded.

Pepee left. When she told her husband what she had done, he said, “I’m taking you back. You can’t quit!”

“You can take me there,” Pepee said, “but I won’t submit to dialysis. I’ll just sit in the chair, and you can come and get me in four hours.”

Pepee remained steadfast to her decision and that God could heal her. Two months later she went to the dialysis center. Her doctor was stunned. “I need to run some tests,” he said.

The doctor had no explanation for her healing. A year has passed since her decision to trust God completely for healing. Pepee has given up most of her medications and has never returned to dialysis. She and her husband leave for a cruise today. Pepee says, “God is good.”  I agree.


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