A Sinful Man: 01 Prepare the Way

Teena L Myers

Peter.1A Sinful Man is a study in Jesus dealings with Simon, brother of Andrew, who became the Apostle Peter.


John the Baptist, a descendant of Aaron, was a maverick among Priests. He spent his time in the wilderness instead of the polished halls of the Jerusalem temple. He spurned the traditional priestly garments to wear camel’s hair. Before he was conceived his father, Zebedee, had messed up his once in a lifetime opportunity to burn incense and pray the Messiah would come. Everything was fine until he stayed too long in the temple and then exited a mute unable to fulfill his duty to bless the people. He offered a surreal explanation. He had been praying for the Messiah to come when an angel appeared declaring his prayer had been heard. His wife would give birth to a son who would prepare the way for…

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