A Sinful Man: 02 The Message

Teena L Myers

Peter.1A Sinful Man is a study in Jesus dealings with Simon, brother of Andrew, who became the Apostle Peter.

PART 02: The Message

Unlike some who continued to cling to John the Baptist after he identified “the lamb of God”, Andrew left John to follow Jesus as soon as John identified him as the Messiah. Andrew’s understanding of John’s message kept the evil one from snatching away what was sown in his heart and the seed planted in his heart grew into an even greater understanding.[1] There is no indication Andrew brought his brother, Simon, to John the Baptist. He definitely brought him to Jesus.

It’s important to understand the message John the Baptist preached because Andrew and Simon had good reasons for believing and embracing the gospel John and Jesus preached. An examination of the passage John the Baptist pointed to when priest and Levites questioned him reveals…

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