Postcards, Great Promotion Tool

By Rebecca Willman Gernon

My blog is part of the Southern Christian Writers Guild’s (SCWG) blog. The Guild is composed of men and women who meet once a month (except June and December) to listen to speakers, and to critique and encourage each other.  As Christian writers, we believe our writing talent is God-given and thus we should use it to write stories, plays, poems, devotions, novels, and articles that would be pleasing to God. Does this mean we only write Biblical material? Not a chance. Our members write in all of the above listed genres.

SCWG postcardTo promote our group, Teena Myers and I designed and had postcards printed to distribute at book fairs, writers conferences, and perhaps at our church or libraries. This is an inexpensive way to promote your book, group, or writing event. We used a local printer, but there are many online sites that design and print cards at a reasonable price. (2-5 cents each)

Our first opportunity to use these cards will be June 6, and the Northshore Literay Society. But, the main reason we bought them is for the Mirror Mirror Kindgom Fest this  Friday, June 10, from 7 pm to 10 pm at Victory Fellowship, 5708 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA.  (Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans.) We’ll be there most of Saturday also. Other members of the SCWG will be with us.

Teena's book publishingTeena will be selling her latest book, Publishing’s New Frontier, which chronicles her experience with Christian publishers. I’m sure she will also have copies of her first book, Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot, a collection  of inspiring stories of faith from people she interviewed in the New Orleans area.

And I will be selling  Amy Signs, A Mother Her Deaf Daughter and Amy Signs-book cover.jpgTheir Stories a memoir my daughter and I wrote about growing up deaf in a hearing family.  If you enjoyed watching Nyle Di Marco on Dancing with the Stars, you will enjoy my daughter’s account of how she lives with deafness.  I’ll also have a free except available from my novel, The Whole Plot’s Crazy.  Other members of the guild will have free hand outs with excepts of their writing.

This is your personal invitation to visit out table at the Mirror Mirror Kingdom Fest. Hope to see you there. Mention you read about this event on my blog and I will give you $2 off the purchase price of Amy Signs. See you there.

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