Healing for the Broken Hearted

broken_heartBy Teena Myers, SCW Chairman

I don’t ask God to increase our numbers when I pray for the Southern Christian Writers  meetings. I pray God will send people who need what we offer and will benefit from attending the meetings. A recent critique session became a demonstration of an answer to that prayer.

We began the meeting with six new faces at the table. Among them a woman who read about us in the Times Picayune, and an attorney with a book he wrote about dealing with divorce.

The writings submitted for critique were read aloud and discussed. Several of the new people read a selection from their books. Then each person at the table introduced him or herself so we could get to know each other better. The woman told us her name, pointed to the attorney and said, “That book.” She poured out the pain in her heart upon sympathetic ears. Her daughter was suffering through an unwanted divorce. She broke and fought the tears filling her eyes.

I stopped the meeting so we could pray for her. As we prayed, her countenance changed. She looked at peace and thanked us for praying. The kind attorney gave her his book and invited her to a seminar he is teaching based on his book. When I left the meeting, they were still talking.


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