Judge Eve Addresses the Southern Christian Writers Guild

An audio recording of Judge Eve, a Jewish believer in Christ, speaking to the Southern Christian Writers Guild. She is the host of The Judge Eve Show and author of Diary of Sabra: Faith in Action.

Judge Eve was born in Jerusalem (when it was still Palestine) to an orthodox Jewish family where she lived side-by-side with Muslim Arabs and Christians. She immigrated to America during the 1960s and became a Christian while working as an Administrative Law Judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

She retired after practicing law for 18 1/2 years. During her career she taught law at Glendale College of Law where she also served as a Dean. She served as Chairman for the Speaker’s Bureau and was active in the Lawyers’ Club of Los Angeles. For several years, she set up TV and radio programs for Law Day, enabling various lawyers and judges to talk about legal subjects.

She is questioned by Marlaine Peachey, Chairman of the Southern Christian Writers Guild Northshore.

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