Word of the Day is Blessing

By Jena Kleinpeter

Ps 21:6 You have endowed him with eternal blessings and given him the joy of your presence.

The first six verses in Psalms 21 speak of the blessings David received from God: heart’s desire fulfilled, success, a crown, and joy. What blessings has God given you? Perhaps talent, wealth, position and family. Acknowledge them all as gifts from God and cherish each one.

Do you have a special talent? Sure, you got the education needed and worked hard but remember God gave you favor in using that talent. Wealth? Money is relative to our needs. Abundance can be hazardous, but if God supplies for all our needs and even a few wants, you are blessed. The old saying “you spend what you earn” is true so why work more just to spend more. Your position in your community is important. This is your opportunity to show the example of God’s love, goodness and mercy.

Living a Christian life in your neighborhood also teaches your family a true commitment to them and others. Spending time with family is the single most important thing you can do. Our children need us more than ever. A wise person once said we want to prepare them rather than repair them. Every time we use the blessings we receive from him to bless others it shows as praise to him.

Edited by Teena Myers, SCW Chairman

Jena Kleinpeter‘s Word of the Day is a work in progress. She hopes to publish a 365 day devotional on the book of Psalms. Visit https://jenakleinpeter.com/ for more devotions in Psalms.

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