Are You a Wanna Bee?

Do you belong to several writers’ groups? When the time comes to critique writing of the members, did you bring anything that was written recently?  Are you always working on something, but nothing is ever completed, polished, or ready to submit? Then you might be a “Wanna bee.” Which is also known as a “Don’t bee.”

wanna bee

Years ago as I young mother, I recall watching Romper Room with my children. Miss Peggy would remind the children about manners by telling them for example that “Do bees” to put their napkin in their lap, and “Don’t bees” never use a napkin.

“Don’t Bees” are the drones of the beehive. Standing around looking like bees, but doing nothing. Sadly, too many writers are “Don’t bees” or “Wanna bees.”

Wanna bees may act like real writers by attending meetings, buying Writer’s Market, reading books on how to write, going to conferences, and associating with other writers, BUT this does NOT make you a writer. Writing requires that you WRITE….pen on paper, fingers on keyboard, or even chisel in rock.

bee moving

Are the people who post on this blog wanna bees or killer writer bees?  You be the judge. Read some of the previous posts. These people are writers who write. The videos by authors give helpful suggestions on how to become published.

As for me, I am a writer. I have been published in magazines and anthologies. Actually been paid for my writing. Won awards for my writing.  Had a book, Amy SIgns, A Mother Her Deaf Daughter and Their Stories published by a traditional publisher.  Want to know more about me. Check out my website  I’m proud to have “Writer” as part of my web address. Are you writing, or just another Wanna Bee?


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