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Jena Kleinpeter

Ps 30:2 O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you restored my health.

There is something amazing about God’s healing power. This Psalm shows David’s belief in God and knowledge that God heals. However, faith is better than beliefs because belief is someone else doing the thinking for you. If you believe what others tell you, it’s not personal. We need a personal faith in God and the only way to build faith is to pray through and make that belief yours.

We aren’t sure what illness the psalmist had, but we know that he was close to death. He cried out to God with faith that his life’s purpose was not completed. Do you pray for healing with selfish or altruistic reasons? Do you feel your job on this earth is not complete?

I have seen people die, but I have also seen God’s healing power.  God’s healing can be subtle and takes time or it can be instantaneous during prayer. As an altar worker in a large church, I had many opportunities to pray with people for healing. Once, a lady came for prayer because she had a growth behind her right ear. Her doctor told her it was probably cancer, and she needed surgery immediately. She refused to schedule the procedure and told the doctor she needed to go to church for prayer because she believed God could heal her. Several ministers and I prayed and the power of God fell.

As she lay on the floor under the power of God’s spirit she repeated “My faith heals me” over and over again. When she stood, she and I touched behind her ear the growth was gone.  Her doctor dismissed the healing as an infection instead of cancer. When she told me what the doctor said we laughed and praised God. We knew the miracle of her healing. Through prayer her belief became faith and that faith in God’s power healed her.

Jena Kleinpeter‘s Word of the Day is a work in progress. She hopes to publish a 365 day devotional on the book of Psalms. Visit https://jenakleinpeter.com/ for more devotions in Psalms.

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