Word of the Day is Rescue

jena k 20190116_112105 (2)
Jena Kleinpeter

Ps 12:5 The Lord replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless, and I have heard the groans of the poor. Now I will rise up to rescue them, as they have longed for me to do.”

Why do we need to be rescued? Many feel they don’t; they are just fine. There are times as Christians we feel “walked over,” maybe persecuted. Maybe that’s how David felt while writing this Psalm—that people were just too selfish or too corrupt. When we are overcharged for a home repair or have overpaid for a product, what do we do?

David also looked at the people running the businesses and government and even the churches and groups that should be helping others—all were deceitful and manipulative. Sound familiar? Did you trust a friend or coworker then find yourself betrayed, stabbed in the back? There are many ways to handle “life setbacks” but first think about the best solution to the problem. Going “postal” or screaming your righteous indignation is time consuming and exhausting.

We recently had problems with a stopped-upe prayed and asked many spirit-filled friends to also pray.

My prayer was “Jesus please rescue us from this situation and heal the sewer. Yes, I asked God to heal a sewer. We called another plumber we had used previously and they came the next day. They found the obstruction, explained the probable cause and fixed it in two hours. The price $300.00. I informed the first company they misdiagnosed the problem and received a refund. God rescued our money. Never doubt his power to rescue you.

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