Word of the Day is Respect

jena k 20190116_112105 (2)
Jena Kleinpeter

Now that I am retired, I can finally really immerse myself into football. I never really tried to understand the game or keep up with the teams because I seemed to work most of our city’s team games. I’m still clueless to some aspects of football but I really enjoy watching the games especially with Drew Brees achieving so many milestones in his career. Yes, I’m a Saints fan.

I can appreciate the feeling of respect when professional achievements are acknowledged, I felt that many times when a mother would thank me for her healthy baby at discharge but is that all there is to respect?

Respect is a difficult topic to discuss. The definition is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements”. Everyone deserves a certain level of respect, but what if all your respect comes from only your abilities and achievements?

This became a reality for Justin Tucker, kicker for Baltimore Ravens. After never missing a field goal in seven years, his total career, it happened! The game against the Saints was lost by 1 point. The look on his face said it all, shock and total disbelief of the reality. Of all times to miss the point, both literally and figuratively.

I imagine he felt like all the respect he acquired in his career just vanished.  Mistakes happen but why do we as humans depend on something as temporary as worldly respect. I thank God that my respect comes from him and my service to him. This is where the “qualities” in the definition of respect come into play. Integrity, honesty, compassion and obedience to God’s word are just a few qualities of Christian life respect comes from.

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