Looking For an Agent?

rejectedI’m in the process of finding an agent/publisher for my completed YA novel, The Whole Plot’s Crazy. And guess what, I am NOT enjoying it. I’d much rather be writing a book than query letters and a synopsis. I didn’t know how much I disliked this aspect until I asked a fellow reader to comment on my synopsis. Her reply:  “Your disdain for writing a synopsis is evident.” Ouch!

When your novel is finished or you have completed the book proposal for a nonfiction book, a great site to bookmark is Predators and Editors. http://pred-ed.com/peba.ht  This is why I like them.

1. The site has a great list of publishers and gives brief info about them, such as vanity press (means you pay to be published) subsidy press (you pay to published) POD (Print on Demand), traditional publisher, recommended, or not recommended, etc. This data base is searchable.

contract2. Their agent listing is fantastic. On the left-hand side of their home page, click on Agents and Attorneys. And for FREE, yes FREE you can set up a query tracker. Great way to keep track of whom you have submitted queries, You may also post comments and read comments from others who have sent queries to this agent. In addition, you may search the agent data base by agent name, name of the literary agency, the kind of books the agent wants, (fiction, nonfiction, and genre) and sort the files in various way.  For a small fee you can have more features, but I’ve found the free membership more than adequate.




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