By Linda Rodriguez

November is the month where we can verbalize our gratitude

But I want to be sincere, not simply offer up a platitude

Faithless lips that sputter words will hardly edify

But gratitude that’s real and true brings God a great delight


Of course, I’m thankful for the things that God has freely given

A loving family all around me, and a house to live in

He always gives me daily bread, my portion for sustaining

He has been so good to me; there’s no room for complaining!


But being thankful’s more than just reciting lists with details

It’s remembering the grace of God, and all that it entails

It’s seeing how the Lord can move in ways not understood

As He promises that all things work together for our good.


So, I’m thankful that each morning I can rise to see His light

And know that God my Father has sustained me through the night

I know that His good mercies are provided new each morning

A graceful way to start the day within the Lord’s adorning


I’m thankful for His Spirit that’s available to guide me

Ever present in my life, He always walks beside me

I’m grateful for the light He sheds upon the path before me

And when my feet have stumbled, He grants mercy to restore me.


I’m thankful for the hurdles that I’ve had to overcome

Things that looked like obstacles to what I could become

They’re actually the stepping stones for God’s intent and plans

To fill me with the purpose that a Christian life demands.


I’m thankful for the voice of God that thunders by His Spirit

Echoing His mighty Word as oft I need to hear it

Breaking all my stubbornness with words that He dispenses

He utters the correction that will bring me to my senses.


I’m thankful for the quiet times, for stillness in the air

When the atmosphere has mellowed and I know the Lord is there

For His voice so softly whispers every word I need to hear

And settles my anxiety by saying, “I am near.”


I’m thankful for the pressures that I often have endured

Knowing that their purpose is to make me more mature

If stress in life has made me feel I can’t hold on much longer

I’m grateful that He works in me to make me even stronger.


I’m thankful for the dry spells that can sometimes stretch for days

When my life is full of questions and I seem to lose my way

Then the Lord by His appearing brings me comfort from above

As He waters my dry spirit and He douses me with love.


I’m thankful that He loves me and for all He’s thought of me

Knowing that He views me as His precious pottery

I trust the Potter’s hands as He works to shape this clay

And molds me to His usefulness every single day.


I’m thankful for the growing throng of people that surround me

People that are placed by God to show His love around me

Encouragers and worshippers and those who serve so skillfully

Together we’re in one accord to labor on in ministry.


I’m thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity

To be humbly set in place within the church of His community

He sets my soul ablaze and lets me worship Him aloud

As a ministry to Him amongst His consecrated crowd.


But mostly I am thankful that my life will keep improving

Even in the simple things, God’s hand is always moving

Leading and preparing me, teaching me to cope

For I know He has a plan for me – a future and a hope!





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