Almighty God (an acrostic poem)

By Linda Rodriguez

Almighty God, You are enthroned high above the earth

Blessed Savior, Lord of All, our praise declares Your worth.


Called us all to be Your own; crowned us with Your glory

Delivered us, pardoned us, and freed us from all worry.


Even though we sometimes fail, and give Your heart such grief

Faithfulness we find from You; it brings us great relief.


Grace and lovingkindness You have poured out from Your throne.

Hallowed be Your holy name, through which that love was shone.


I’ll worship You in spirit, and to You I’ll lift my voice

Jesus, You’re my everything, and in You I’ll rejoice.


Kindness came from You to us and covered all our shame

Love brought us salvation and the knowledge of Your Name


Mighty things You’ve done for us, though why? I’m not so sure

No other God has such a love that always will endure


O Wondrous God upon the throne, it’s You that I have sought

Preserve my life and sanctify my every deed and thought


Quell my fears and stay my mind and turn my heart to you

Rescue me from wickedness, and vindicate me, too.


Search my heart to know me; satisfy my thirst

Teach me that Your kingdom should forever be made first


Underneath Your out-stretched wings is where I would be found

Victory is Yours; You make me stand on solid ground.


Wash away my sorrows by Your blood, holy and just

X marks the spot where those sins are now but dust.


You alone have words of life; You hold us in Your hand

Zion’s King, the Righteous One, has rule throughout this land.

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