A Christmas Story


By Gina Russo


I love to sing that song. This is my favorite time of year. Mama dear puts up a Christmas tree just for me. It has red ornaments and cut out pictures of me, and big red bows, just like I wear.

There is a village under the tree that lights up so pretty and a crib with the Baby Jesus, the Shepherds and the Wise Men.

Every Christmas Mama loves to surprise me with a new stuffed animal to add to my collection. They are my favorite. But I wonder where she put my present.

I know. I’ll look among the other animals. I have an elephant, a lamb, a zebra, a bear and a snoopy dog with a black eye patch.

Nope, not here.

Anyway, the tree is up and my present is on the loose. Hmmm…….

I’ll try Mama’s office where I like to sleep, under the desk.

Not here either.

Oh there’s my bed, think I’ll stop for a nap. I’m kind of tired. Yawn.

Am I dreaming? Mama and I are at the mall. And there’s Santa. Think I’ll get in line and ask Santa about my present. Wow! The line is long. Seems I’ve been here forever…. Oh, no, Mama wants to leave. What about my present?

Ringgg! Wha…huh? Oh, that’s the doorbell. I wonder how long I was asleep. Mama’s at the door, it’s the mailman. Woof, woof, woof, he’s not my favorite person.

“Oh, Mama, I had a bad dream. I was in line to see Santa, I needed to ask him if he knew about my present, since I couldn’t find it. And we had to leave, and, and, ……. What did the mailman bring? Hey, what’s in that box? Seriously, what’s in that box? For me? Oh, how wonderful. A cuddly raindeer! Let’s put it by the tree. This is my best Christmas ever!!”

“Mama, you’re the dearest!!!”

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