Why blog? And about what?

By Rebecca Gernon

I’ve asked myself more than once, “Why do you write on a blog?”

If you are not contributing to a blog, here are several reasons why writers should blog.

1. Writers need readers. One way to build an audience for the great American novel you plan to write or your book of devotions is to contribute regularly to a blog. Start your own, or contribute to an existing blog. Some actually pay.

2. Writing on a blog weekly will force you to produce 2-3 paragraphs.  If you are suffering from writer’s block, a blog will help you feel productive.

3. If you are already published, your words of wisdom could encourage struggling writers.

4. If you want to rant and rave about your pet peeves, a blog is the place to do it. Not on Facebook where your friends might like to see a photo of you, your pets, family, or friends having fun.

What to write about?

  • If you want to build a fan base, select 1-2 topics and write about them. Your blog posts need a general focus so when people are searching the web for “gluten-free recipes,” “dogs,” “pedicures,” or “Christian Writing” your blog appears in their search engine.
  • Write about what you know?  Writing, gardening, books, etc.
  • Make it personal. Let your readers become your friends.
  • Use humor if possible.
  • Keep it short. Try to keep your post short enough that readers do not need to scroll.


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