Writers May Not Be Computer Technicians

Rebecca GernonOr at least this writer isn’t one.  Nothing like a computer glitch or printer failure to turn a productive day into one of turmoil.

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. Proverbs 29:11


A few weeks ago I wanted to print several copies of Bible verses on labels to give to my Bible class students.  I selected the right template, designed the label and sent my finished design to the printer. The labels had a decorative blue edge with black printing. The printer kicked into production and spit out labels with pink edges and gray, streaked letters.

Not one to suffer defeat, I tried again. First I checked my design to make certain the proper colors had been selected. Everything was perfect, but the printer spewed out the same ugly, unreadable labels.

I inserted new ink cartridges and tried again. Same result. Now six expensive labels were ruined.

Thinking the printer had a glitch, I typed a multi-colored page of text in my word processing program and sent it to the printer. The result: Perfect.

I returned to the label program, certain success was within my grasp. I sent the labels to the printer: same result, smeared pink labels.

By now I’d uttered a number of words Christians should not. I cursed the printer, the computer program, my life in general and whoever invented computers. Next I tried, what I thought was  logical.  I rebooted the computer and printer, and redesigned the labels (I did not want to use the old file which I thought might be corrupt.)  I sent my new design to the printer: Same results.

AAARGH! I quit and printed the verses on plain paper and cut them into squares.

WisdomMy advice: Quit what you are doing if it does not work.  I wonder when I will learn that computers are NOT logical.

If you don’t know how to use your computer easily and successfully, take a computer class. Community colleges, libraries, and other adult education facilities offer free or inexpensive classes.

Don’t try to get fancy. Keep it simple.

Be wise. Keep yourself under control.

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