Is Your Style of Writing a Candidate for Divine Inspiration?

ME GBS Koinonia (2)By Teena Myers

God inspires more than sermons and Sunday school lessons. The Bible is 43% narrative, 33% poetry, and 24% Prose discourse that you can find in sermons and Sunday school lessons. Most of the prose discourse is written by the Apostle Paul in his letters of instruction to the churches.

Most of the writing falls in the Nonfiction category but fiction stories are also used.

Law: Moses wrote a legal document when he recorded the covenant of law God made with Israel. Israel is bound by that covenant until every jot and tittle is fulfilled.

History: The development of the nation of Israel and the history of the Church is preserved in the Bible.

Biographies: The Bible offers extensive biographies of its major characters-Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Paul.

Poetry–Psalms: God’s sayings are often in poetic format. Psalms were set to music or read as a prayer.

Wisdom–Proverbs: The collection of short sayings are intended to impart wisdom.

News: Unfilled prophecies is tomorrow’s news.

Apocalyptic Literature: Revelation is a book of horror and hope.

Letters: Paul’s writings were letters sent to address church issues.

Fiction / short stories: The parables Jesus told were short fiction stories that illustrated a moral or spiritual lesson.

Whatever you are writing fiction or nonfiction, whoever you are, famous or unknown, you are a candidate to receive inspiration from God.

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