Receiving Inspiration

ME GBS Koinonia (2)By Teena Myers

When I am writing and get stuck, I pray, then sit still while the frustration drains. We have not because we ask not; we ask and receive not because we ask amiss. If the well is still dry, there are several reasons.

First, writing may not be God’s plan for you. Paul compared the body of Christ to a human body. My feet will never see where I am going, nor will my eyes walk me to my destination. God may want you to be a mouth that speaks, instead of a hand that writes.

Second, you may be called to write but chose the wrong genre. A friend had been writing most of her life with minor success until she published a children’s book. When she was a teenager, her parents forced her to give up her baby for adoption. Years later, still grieving, she wrote a children’s story and put it in a box. She never had another child. Twenty years later, while cleaning house, she found that story and decided to self-publish. In traditional publishing, the average book sells 300 copies. If 5,000 copies sell, you are considered a success. She sold over 7,000.

Third, consider your motives. A friend pleaded with God to make her a successful author. He answered her prayer. A national television broadcast featured her book and more books sold than she could imagine. Unfortunately, her success created problems that destroyed her family and relationship with God.

Fourth, you need to be in motion. A pastor told a story that I never forgot that has served me well through the years. Gary struggled to move a heavy log in vain. Joe saw his frustration and asked if he needed help. Gary nodded. Joe started the log rolling.

“But it’s rolling too far to the left,” said Gary.

“Don’t worry,” Joe shouted as he ran behind the log. When the log near the destination, Joe shoved it, and the log when right where Gary wanted it.

Joe smiled. “It’s easier to move something when it’s already in motion,”

Don’t wait until you have inspiration. There are times I write thinking I knew what I wanted to say. By the time I finished, the Holy Spirit had shoved me in another direction. I ended up with something a thousand times better because I was already in motion.

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