Floyd* and his wife, Debbie, attended home Bible studies, but nothing changed in Floyd’s life. “I was learning about Christ,” he said, “but I hadn’t met him.  The person of Christ remained a mystery until a lung infection put me in the hospital.”

Floyd called Leila, a Christian friend, for help. “I can’t come,” said Leila. “Is there a Bible there?”

“I’m in the freaking hospital.”

“Open the drawer next to your bed and see if there is a Bible.”

Floyd jerked the drawer open. “There is a Gideon Bible.”

“Read it.”

“Read what?”

“Just open the Bible and read.”

Floyd hung up and opened the Bible, scanning through a few sections before settling into Isaiah Chapter 40. When he read the last word of Chapter 40 Christ walked into his hospital room.  “For the first time, I met him,” said Floyd.  “I couldn’t see him, but I could tell you where he was in the room. I could feel him. I could smell him. I could tell you what he was wearing, but I could not see him. My entire life changed in that one encounter.” Shortly after his experience, Abby entered the room and recognized something dramatic had happened. Six months later, Abby accepted Christ at a Christian Business Men’s Committee function.

Jesus revealed himself to Floyd that day, but he did not heal his physical problems. Doctors dealt with the lung infection, but Floyd still struggled with asthma and a ruptured disc. When Floyd’s back situation deteriorated until he was walking with a cane, physicians recommended back surgery, but his younger brother, Tim, intervened.

 “Don’t let them cut on you,” Tim advised him.

“What do you mean? You are not the one that’s hurting,” said Floyd.

“Put it off until I come for Thanksgiving. If I can’t help you have the surgery. Will you do that for me?”

Floyd postponed the surgery. Tim, true to his word, traveled home for Thanksgiving and spent about eight hours teaching Floyd stress-management techniques and how to breathe properly. From that point forward, Floyd has not suffered from asthma or back pain. “The only time I have back trouble now is if someone offends me, and I try to hold a grudge against them,” said Floyd.  “If I don’t deal with anger in my life, my back will lock up after about three days, and I can’t walk until I’ve released whatever the anger is about. It’s a great spiritual accountability program.”

*The story is true, only the names were changed.

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