Encounters With the Divine

Teena Myers

By Teena Myers

Social networks are wonderful things. How else could I receive a friend invitation from a former award-winning investigative correspondent for CNN?  Jennifer contacted me to share her book of God Stories after she saw a series of videos I made called God Stories.

She wrote her book after a friend asked her if she had any experiences that proved God existed. A survey of her friends revealed many God stories convincing Jennifer a divine intelligence some call God exists.

She had three encounters with the divine. The first encounter came through an out-of-body experience when she was twelve years old.

Ten years later, she planned to drive from Florida to California and had a recurring dream about an accident. Her mother suggested taking a flight instead of driving. Jennifer opted to bring a friend, hoping the change in plans would change the outcome. Her friend was driving when they left San Antonio. Jennifer fell asleep but felt like the car was rolling. The car suddenly stopped with a thud, awaking Jennifer. Her friend had fallen asleep while driving.

They got out of the car unharmed. “Are you alright,” a man hollered. “Your car went up an embankment and flipped in the air three times, but it looked like God took your car in his hand and set it on the highway.” 

Her last experience was the miraculous healing of bone-marrow cancer. When her cancer proved benign, she believed God had intervened, so she could live and work toward positive change in the world.

I laughed, cried and cringed as I read her book of God Stories. Most of the stories were truly inspirational, but there were a few I would not have included. Jennifer considered herself a Christian, but drew near to God through the beauty of his creation instead attending a traditional church. God’s eternal power and Godhead can be understood through his creation (Romans 1:18-19). The wonder of creation cannot impart a revelation of his heart. We need his words preserved in the Bible to know his true thoughts.

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