A Prayer For Writers

Come Holy Spirit fill this place today,

May all we do and think and say,

Be pleasing and acceptable in your sight.

Please keep us focused as we continue to write,

The good works you have instilled in us,

To spread your love, your hope and trust,

To every woman, man, boy and girl,

May our writing help save this sin sick world.

May the work you started with pen in hand,

Draw us nearer to Thee across this land.

Close your eyes now and what do you see?

It’s my hope that one day eventually,

There will be peace and true harmony,

Until that day Lord please stay with me,

And all of us here present today,

Come Holy Spirit come what may.

Can you feel the Spirit coming over you?

Lord can our writing change what folks say, think and do?

In hopes that all mankind will know,

That you are indeed God and rightly so,

You are worthy of all glory honor and praise,

From the beginning of time through the rest of our days.

Come Holy Spirit fill this place today,

May our writings keep us united for this we pray,

We ask this through your darling son Jesus’ name,


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