State of the Writing Report

Writing is a business. And like any other business, as the year draws to a close, you need to review your production.  If you have been keeping a submission journal, now is the time to see how hard you worked to become published this year. Without accountable to others and yourself, it is easy to throw yourself a little pity party and say “No one ever buys my work” or “Why submit?”
submit-4-timesMy answers to “No one ever buys my work,” How many times did you submit? If you sent a story to 2-3 markets, that is not really trying. Even successful writers receive rejections, and those who are just breaking into the market should have a thick folder of rejections. After 10-12 submissions, if you are getting rejections, tighten your story, spend more time researching the markets, and start submitting again. Concise, current, creative writing will finally find a home on the printed page, or as a last resort, cut off your ear like Van Gogh did, but instead of delivering it to a harlot, mail it to a publisher. (Only kidding.) 
get-publishedMy answer to “Why submit?”  How do you plan to be published if you do not submit? If you are waiting for a publisher or agent to knock on your door with a writing contract on a pillow, much like the glass slipper that ever fair maidens in the kingdom tried on, wake up! That is a fairy tale and so is your writing career if you do not submit. And once again, if you do not have a writing journal, how do you know you are really trying. My goal is at least one submission a week. Try submitting on Thursday or Friday. Agents might actually have time to look at their email at the end of the week. Be picky. Select the best fit for your manuscript.

My State of My Writing Report

query letter27 Agents/publishers queried about my novel. I received several nice rejections and many more “No response means No,” rejections.
5 contests entered: Won the Page Turner contest at the Berries, enter-to-win-2Bridges, and Books Writing Conference, but have yet to receive my $50 gift card. Hint hint.
Semifinalist in the 30 by Ninety One Act play competition. 
9 stoshort-storyries submitted: Good feedback on 1, others rejected or waiting for a response. (Chicken Soup for the Soul stories may wait approval for up to two years. Ugh!)
3 plays submitted: No response.
Total effort: 44 submissions
Attended 1 writing conference
Attended 14 literary/critique groups
Attended 3 book signing events

Will your State of the Writing message be received with applause or  with the comment “You’re not really trying.”

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