Finding an Agent

I’m still actively searching for an agent or a publisher for my YA Christian novel. I continue my search because I am not a fan of self-published or Indie published books, but I’ll save those thoughts for a different post.

Agent-findingThese suggestions might help you if you are on the same quest that I am.

  1. Find books similar to yours at a bookstore or library. Read the acknowledgements. Often there is a special thanks to their agent. Copy the agent’s name and research him/her on-line. They might be a good match for your book. In your query, mention that you read XYZ book and noted that they represented it and you believe they would be a good person to represent your manuscript.
  2. In books similar to yours, note who published the book. This should be on the title page or on the back of the title page. Search on-line to determine if they take unagented submissions. If so, submit a query.
  3. book signingTalk to authors who write in your genre at book fairs, book signings, and similar events. Ask who they used as an agent, if they liked this person, and if this agent is open to new clients. If you know the author personally, ask if you can mention their name in your query. Again, research the agent on the internet before submitting.
  4. Search on-line frequently. Query Tracker is free, Writer’s Market has a fee, I think, or do a  general query such as: “Literary agents for YA” or “literary agents for romance,” etc. Check each agent and their literary agency before submitting so you follow their guidelines. Each agent has different requirements. AND NEVER misspell an agent’s name. That’s an automatic rejection.
  5. PRAY

When it comes to hearing God, I might be a bit dense. I’ve often told friends I am waiting for my fax from God. Well, this week he sent a bolt of lightingBOLT FROM THE BLUE.

I know God works in mysterious ways, and my experience on Tuesday   proves. I was praying about finding a more recently published book similar to the one I have written. I had two hours to kill before teaching my monthly Bible study at a retirement community, so I went to a nearby library and selected several magazines to read. I sat on a chair in a quiet corner. After I sat, I noticed a book on the table near me. I felt urged to look at it, but I thought, “Why should I look at this book? I can’t check it out. I don’t have a library card for this library.” I looked at a magazine, but I felt someone telling me to look at the book. I put down the magazine and grabbed the book.”Twelve” a humorous YA book published in 2007.  The story is told by a twelve-year-old girl with a sassy attitude.  A book similar to mine. Do you think God put that book  on the table for me? I do.

I plan to read “Twelve,” contact the agent and hopefully have a successful query.

Edont-give-upven if this agent’s query goes into my reject file, I am still encouraged because this small help from God reminds me that God represents me and my labors. Whatever I do for him is not in vain.

Keep praying. Look for God’s answers.

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