Enjoy Every Success

By Rebecca Gernon
Don’trejoice. the lord is good let the world steal your joy; enjoy your success no matter how small.
I have been submitting queries to agents and publishers  and been receiving no response, a form rejection or  in a few rare instances constructive feedback, but last week my persistence was rewarded.  A literary agent (#109) requested my completed novel.  Woo Hoo.
Like many of our moments of glory and happiness, Satan and the world try to steal our joy. Friends and family do not understand the publishing business. They thinking writing a book and having it published is as easy as buying a cake mix and making a cake.
I could have let the world steal my joy because I read the email requesting my novel at midnight, 1200 miles from home. I had no way to send my novel since it was on my computer. I quickly emailed the agent, explained my situation, and said I would email the novel on Wednesday when I returned home.
Actually, I was returning home on Tuesday, but I wanted time to check my novel in two different spellcheck and grammar programs.  I was certainly glad I gave myself an extra 24 hours, because the day before I flew home, my husband told me that our temperamental wireless router had just died.  Since we “bought the bundle” we no longer had phone service or internet.
man fighting computerLike “Let’s Make a Deal, our cable provider gave us options: 1. Wait several days and they might come to our house; or 2. Drive to their office 25 miles away to pick up a router. I opted for door number three: Buy a router at Best Buy.
Replacing the router was NOT as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. Software had to be downloaded, installed, and as my husband remarked, “You have to horse around with this stuff to make it work.” Knowing his tolerance for “Horsing with technical stuff,”  I opted to go to my Wednesday card group.
Two hours later, I came home; our house was now reconnected to the world. fire in kitchen 2But, no longer the mistress of multi-tasking, I burned part of the supper while trying to proofread my novel.  And I mean burned; three smoke detectors blared for 15 minutes.
My novel entered cyberspace at 7 p.m. that evening. The next morning, an email from the agent indicated she would respond in a few weeks. Woo Hoo.  Right now I am wallowing in this success and refusing to let the world steal my joy.
Don’t let family, friends, or the world discourage you. If you only make one submission a week or month, that is success. Many writers are doing nothing.  If you write twenty minutes a day, that is progress. Look for the little successes in your writing career. Remember, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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