Home Coming

By Angie Dent

Watching your little girl or boy grow up is beautiful and bittersweet. Guiding and cheering on along the way create warm, bonding moments. Hope for those special times to last forever never goes away. Such wishful thinking slows once maturity is born. The start of independent decisions brings uneasiness. That feeling intensifies when some choices lead to wrong paths.

If a son or daughter has lost his or her way, be encouraged by these words. God is still watching over and protecting your child, at every turn. He has a plan for the way back. It was created before those choices were made. The Lord has already ordained the changes. They’re taking shape, at this moment.

Quiet transformations are breaking through. Your unconditional love and prayers are keeping the shifts in motion. All the good stuff you put inside is still there and working. God is using it, little by little, to make an amazing difference.

Unwavering prayers are turning circumstances around. Barriers are being torn down. A desire to know the Lord is being built. Giant steps to salvation are being paved. Lasting, positive changes are happening and are ahead. They may not be apparent, right now, but there will come a day when you’ll see them.

Keep praying and expecting different. Luke 15 tells us that, in time, the prodigal son came to himself and returned home to his father. In a similar fashion, that son or daughter will realize where the right path is. Just like the prodigal son, your child will come home to you and the Father.

Angie Dent is an inspirational Christian writer and author. She writes books to encourage Christians. Her books give hope and peace of mind. Pick up Angie’s books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Hudson Booksellers, and Square Books.

First printed March 30, 2022 – Photo courtesy of Pixabay 

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