Hooked On Books

Betty Moss

By SCW Member Betty Moss

The force that drives my interest in writing also serves as my iconic identity.  Today’s reader must guard with diligence the selection of reading material embraced, and the writer must guard against the digression of writing talent into the trash pit, catering to the decline of moral character reigning in the world today.

Writers must stay informed of the quality of publications on the shelves of our Libraries and best sellers in the publishing market. Many of the publications labeled as literature astound conservative writers. Classic authors of the past, reviewing what we read today, would turn over in their graves.    Of course, that assumes we’re reading anything.  Many people admit they do not read books at all.  Movies and television influence our habits and rob us of imagination and creativity.

A brief research of our library shelves reveals the rapid disappearance of printed reading material and the robust market of replacement with electronics. Writers recognize, without opposition, the rapidly growing publication by electronics, but certainly recommend a backup system to ensure that the printed book remains available, and not simply a relic of the past. When the electric grid fails, one can depend on the printed book that can be read by firelight as Abraham Lincoln found quite dependable.

The disappearance of books from the literary world pales in comparison to the disappearance of well-composed, grammatically correct, interesting page-turning literature. Pornography, colorful language, and graphic violence drive the literary market today filling the pages with useless repetition, extensive descriptive language simply to add pages, flat characters without dimension, plotless content without hooks to create interest, and stories are completely devoid of rhythm. A well-written story should glide seamlessly connecting one sentence to the next with rhythm as in a piece of music.

Much of present-day creative writing lacks the plot-driven story with a beginning to grab the reader’s attention, conflict to ignite his emotions, rhythm to pace his interest, and conclusions that complete and guide the story to a memorable ending. However, still available among the brass, one will find the golden voice of excellence rising to enrich the reader’s experience with writing that excels in composition and content.

Conversely, new and fresh twenty-first century approaches in creative writing with realistic changes that enhance readability in grammar, structure, and content are appreciated and accepted. However, as in teaching an old dog new tricks, older writers often oppose and reject new ideas. We must keep pace with changes, appreciate obvious improvements, and embrace innovation with vigor.

In comparing books and electronics, as a reader, I prefer holding a book in my hands, turning the pages, and see the book standing in my bookshelf for future reference. I own a Kindle, and I enjoy the convenience in the doctor’s office and other places of waiting. As a writer, I enjoy creating book covers that complement my story and seeing my adventures come to life on the written page. Books are creations that should be treasured for the value they bring to the world of literature, as well as the knowledge and experience they add to our culture. Visiting and supporting our Libraries or a favorite bookstore will ensure the longevity of the printed page. Become HOOKED ON BOOKS.

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