A Dusty Love Letter

By Debra P Adams

My dearest child, I wrote you a love letter some time ago. I see you have my letter, but you are not reading it. Everything written in the love letter was written for you. I remember every word, verse and chapter and the pleasure it gave me when I was writing it. Some of what I wrote was sharing the stories of others so that you could learn from their mistakes and not make similar ones or the same. Some of it was sharing how my whole story was from the beginning of time. This was written just to let you know I Am and will always be. Man cannot determine my beginning because I Am. I also allowed others through my very breathe to give eyewitness accounts and I also included what shall come to pass to prepare you for the worst of times and know about the best of times to come.

There is also all the in between that happened after the beginning. This is the real exciting stuff, although challenges exist. It was all written for you because I love you. It is an expression of my love for you. How will you ever know how much I love you if you do not pick up the letter I wrote just for you?

It really is sixty-six letters and could have been many more. The letters contain so much that I knew if I gave you a small portion to enjoy, you would continue reading. These letters would also encourage you throughout your life on earth. While you are reading, I will fill you with the Holy Ghost as you ask. More of my letter will be revealed to you that could not be contained in sixty-six letters. What fun you are going to have!

Writing a love letter to you has only one purpose in mind. I want us to get to know each other and always be very close. I thought you would pick it up right away because I placed promises in my letter that I will keep. There are also a lot of if you do this, I will do that. But you will never know this if you do not read my love letter to you. This is my way of encouraging you as you walk by faith and trust me for everything. If you read my letter, you would know this.

It saddens me because you have not desired to get close to me. I could say I wondered what happened, but I already know what happened. Sometimes you thought if you got too close to me, it would not allow you to be close to others. If you just read the letter, you will find out that the closer you get to me, others will want to be with you, and you will know how to love them like I love you.

My child, you just keep being busy. I wasn’t as busy as you always are, and I created everything in six days and rested one. I do not see you taking a day to rest from your busyness. You just keep being busy. I would say I wonder, but I already know. You are working for something that I know you have not quite figured out. If you read my love letter written to you, my letter will assist you in this matter greatly.

I see sometimes you pick up my letter when you go to church. Sometimes I see you pick up my letter when it is really hard for you. And sometimes you pick up my letter because you have children, and you want them to know about my letter. I just cannot seem to grasp why you want them to pick it up and read it, and you have it displayed in many places as if it were a trinket for others to only admire.

I have seen my letter on your coffee table. It looks as new as the first day you bought it, or someone gave it to you. I see my letter on the back of the toilet seat. When I first saw this, I was excited. You placed my letter in a very private place and I just knew you would take time to read it in this private place. It still looks new to me. I heard you repeat things from my letter to others. This gave me more joy than you can imagine. I see those you share things with from my letter reading the letter. But I only see you only refer to it as a reference. This one is more difficult for me to understand. I already know and understand why you do not read my letter every day. You really don’t believe I love you, keep my promises and mean for things to work out for your good.

I have to watch you keep my letter in almost every room in your house and see you read everything else. I know some of what you read goes along with my letter, but most of it does not. You could just read my letter and it would be enough. I see the daily news in your hands or see you watching it on a computer screen. I see books in your hands, and you read them more often than you read my letter. Every time you get paid, I see you read that paycheck to make sure you have not been cheated. I AM not saying much about this because my desire is not to hurt you but to love you through my letter written to you. I see you read a lot of books, because you are working on a degree. I see you read more books because you want another and another degree. If I could be overwhelmed, this just might be the thing that would do it. But I AM cannot. A degree is good, but I require you to read less. Read my letter written to you.

My letter is collecting dust and you do not see it. I want you to get to know me better. You just will not pick up my letter that I wrote especially for you. I know you have written some love letters and there are some you have saved over the years because they meant so much to you because of who wrote them to you. You read the letter over and over again because you believe what you read. I AM speaking directly to you in my letter and yet you read it occasionally or not at all. I really don’t know how you are going to make it.

Just imagine my letter as bread for your life. Bread is what it really is. It is the bread of life. It will sober you, save you and sustain you. By sober, I mean tell you the truth. It will save you by bringing you to me. It will sustain you because otherwise you will perish without me. This is what I do not want to happen. My letter has collected enough dust on your shelf. Just pick it up, dust it off and read it every day. I left the Holy Spirit with you after Jesus went away. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. He will.

It doesn’t take much time as you think, because time will seem to go on and on as you learn more about me. There will be times that you will not want to stop reading my letter to you. But when you get like this, put it down and share with me how you feel about what is in my letter. We will have a good time together. Sometimes I will talk more than you and other times I will just listen. There will be times you will talk, and I will listen. Pick up my love letter, my dear precious child. It was written just for you. Dust can only make you sneeze anyway.

Copyrighted by Debra P Adams

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