Get Your Name Out There

editorBy Rebecca Gernon

A Christian writer friend is composing 31 devotions to inspire and encourage women. Like all good writers, she is seeking editing from other writers. I am one of the three writers who will edit her daily devotions, make suggestions and corrections.  And for this small task, I will be listed as one of her editors. Better yet, I can have a short Bio (Usually this mean 100 words or less) in the back of her book.  Here are my 105 words. Remember, this is a writer’s blog, not your personal life.

bioRebecca Willman Gernon co-authored Amy Signs, A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories (Gallaudet University Press 2012) with her daughter. Gernon has been published in Bylines Magazine, Lutheran Digest, Fiction 365, Over My Dead Body, Delectable, The Weeder’s Digest, and in several anthologies including: The Best Mom in the World, (Howard books 2007); All My Good Habits I Learned from Grandma (Thomas Nelson 2008); Love is a Verb (Bethany Press 2009); and Expecting Miracles (Guidepost 2010.) Gernon’s humorous plays have won awards in Missouri.

Note that the BIO is written in the third person. This is an author’s bio, so I start with my best accomplishment and list only books and magazine that are traditionally published and end with a snippet about myself.

If you do not have a short BIO written, do one now. Ask your friends if you might edit their book for the honor of having a short BIO in the back. Anything that puts your name in front of the public will further your career.

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