Writing: Fiction vs Nonfiction

fiction vs nonfiction

If you are a novice writer or are in a writing slump, try writing nonfiction. It can be easier and there are more markets open to submissions. There are many essay contests that are free to enter and a huge market for nonfiction is the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

The nice thing about writing nonfiction is that plotting is not as critical. Fiction and nonfiction both need a beginning, a middle, and an end, but with nonfiction, especially if you are writing a short story about your life, you already know the beginning, middle, and end.

This past week I busied myself writing stories for two of the many topics Chicken Soup for the Soul has posted on their website. My long term goal is to be published in one of their books. This opens the door to their editors looking more favorably on the next manuscript I submit, plus I will get a heads up on new topics before they ask for submissions from the public.


It felt good to actually write something. My neck and back would disagree as they hurt from being hunched over a keyboard and monitor that are not designed for my short body, but Tylenol has eased some of that pain.

Good luck and keep writing. Success comes from perseverance.


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