Writers Write….Sometimes

butt in chairWriters must write. We feel an aching in our fingers if we do not spend time at the keyboard or with paper and pen. But writing, like most of the arts, is discouraging, so if we are crabby, moody, or sullen sometimes, cut us some slack. We may just have received the 100th rejection for a story we have reworked at least that many times.

Writing is one of the few jobs that requires a person to create a product, sell the product, market the product, and continue to produce a new and different product at the same time. We are Jack or Jills of all trades, and yet masters of none. We are stressed to the max trying to juggle all these talents, as well as hold down REAL jobs, raise families, and have a life.

I love to write, but I suffer from BIC Syndrome. Nope, not some dread disease caused by stabbing myself with a BIC pen, but Butt in Chair, or the lack thereof. The journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step; writing begins with the difficult process of getting BIC at the keyboard or desk. Once there, the creative juices generally flow. Creating a story and characters is fun, but finding the right words to convey the story may be difficult, and as for editing, it is a royal pain.

When I am suffering from BIC Syndrome, I know it is because writing is work, HARD work and I dislike work. The odd part about BIC is that once my butt is in the chair, I never want to leave! I can write all night, forget supper, ignore Spot and even the Sicilian. The Sicilian leaves me alone when I am writing, unless he can’t find the beer or snacks or he’s screwed up the TV remote.

buttBIC applies to other jobs and chores besides writing. Top Ten Signs you may suffer from BIC Syndrome:

10. You spend the afternoon with your crazy Aunt Hattie playing Pokeno and listening to Polka music.

9. You weed the garden

8. You go on a dusting rampage.

7. You wear out 3 Magic Erasers cleaning your venetian blinds

6. You become bleary-eyed playing Candy Crush, but reach level 50

5. You alphabetize your spices

4. You label files to keep track of your tax deductible expenses for the next 20 years

3. You catch up on your ironing, all 9 months of it.

2. You spend the day watching the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo marathon

1. You pumice the toilets until they twinkle

If you suffer from any of these signs, take a walk, deny your self chocolate or an adult beverage, until you conquer BIC. Good luck! I’ve gone without chocolate for days now and it is NOT pretty.

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