See Ya Later Alligator



By Gina Russo

I’m into my favorite pastime, a nap.  Yawn!

Ring!  That phone woke me up.   Mama is always on the phone. I like to listen cause sometimes it puts me back to sleep.

Oh, oh, Mama sounds upset.  “What’s that, Mama? What’s that?”  OH NO!!  I’ve got to warn the gang.  I know. I’ll peek through the blinds by the window.  Here I go up on the bench.  Plop.

“Jasper, Buddy!    HELPPP!    HELPPP!”

“What’s happening, Muff?” said Jasper, as he and Buddy came running.

“You’re yelling like the sky is falling,” said Jasper, wagging his tail.

“Yeah,” said Buddy, following close behind.

“It’s worse than that!”  I said.  “What could be worse than that?” asked Buddy.

“I just heard Mama say that an ALLIGATOR was spotted in the neighborhood.”

“Oh my!  Oh my!  What’ll we do?”  said Jasper.

“Run home and H – I – D – E!”

Jasper and Buddy spun around and headed home.

Good, they’ll be safe and sound.

Whew!  That wore me out.  Chow time!  Hey, stress makes me hungry.

It’s noon and Mama’s back on the phone.  “What’s that, Mama? What’s that?  HOORAY!!”

Back to the window, I’ve got to give Jasper and Buddy a news update.  Here I go up on the bench.   Plop.

“Jasper, Buddy, come back!  I have good news!  Mama’s got it under control.  The trapper is coming! The trapper is coming!   We’ll all be safe!”

(At least they’ll be safe.   Mama never lets me leave the house.)

Sigh.  Another day, another problem solved.

“Mama, be a dear.  Open the blinds wide so I can sun in the window.”

Now, about that nap….


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