Finding a Christian Publisher

Never Miss a Chance to Determine Who Publishes Books Like Yours

halloeweenWhile waiting for what seemed a lifetime for my husband’s prescription to be filled, my husband and I passed the time looking at Halloween candy and decorator items. Did I want any of these things? No, but my husband is a fanatic about decorating for every holiday, and I wanted to curb any spending impulses he might have.  We already have four tubs of Halloween decorations in the garage and twice that amount for Christmas. After he decided nothing really caught his fancy, (thankfully)  we returned to the pharmacy area to wait in chairs thoughtfully placed near the counter.

In front of me was a circular rack of books. books on carouselBeing an avid reader and a struggling author, I had to check out the books. The rack held picture books, coloring books, a variety of devotional books and several books to help with specific problems. All had been placed there by Choice Books. I wrote that on a scrap of paper and also the publishers of several of the books.

At home, I checked out  and discovered they do not publish books, only distribute Christian books. They had several helpful links. One listed sources for authors. There I found a great link to Christian publishers. Other books on the rack were published by Christian Art Publishers.

I know nothing about most of the publishers listed, but many seem to be small publishing houses, which is good, because they usually will accept unsolicited manuscripts and no agent is required. Going directly to a publisher without an agent allows you to make more money from the sales of your books.

So, if your books has been edited at least once, you have proofed read it for errors until you have it memorized, get busy and write a killer query letter. Then submit your book to a publisher.

Keep trying. We win the race by competing.

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