Sitting on Jesus’ Lap

troy louisChapter 1 from Sitting on Jesus’ lap by Troy Louis

When you look at the earth from the moon, what would you see? You would probably say you see a beautiful planet that’s shaped perfectly round with its blue sunny skies and bundles of snow-white clouds. Now let’s consider what you don’t see beneath the clouds. Brace yourself, because what you might see beneath those snow-white clouds may shock you.

For starters, pride is the number one killer in people. It creates a selfish nature that makes us destroy ourselves from the inside out. Pride and selfishness result in anger like no other. Long ago, it would take a lot for someone to become angry so easily. Now some get filled with rage from just receiving the wrong order from a fast-food restaurant. One my ask, “What snaps in a person’s mind?” We definitely have a shortage of sanity in the world today. Can we ever get our peace of mind back?

Another element like anger is “the influencer.” Nothing can corrupt the mind more than the influence of hanging with the wrong crowd. It’s not the fact that people don’t want to be good; they are just attracted to the bad. Sometimes the desire of what you are attracted to can lead you to a pit that brings disaster. Being attracted to the wrong person can destine a marriage to fail. This can lead to depression, confusion, corrupting kids, and-well, you know the rest.

Is this what you expected in life? Can the earth be so beautiful on the outside yet so terrible on the inside? Yes, we can enjoy the luxuries of extravagant homes and nice cars and appreciating vacations just to come home to see the news of evil that’s going on in the world.

Does it have to be like this? Is this what life has to offer? Or is there a solution to these temporary problems that we have on earth? Well, we’ll see, just keep reading and explore what life is really about.

Sitting on Jesus Lap is available at Troy’s website and in digital and printed format on Amazon.

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