When God May be Smashing Idols

Toni SCW Page20180908_082434By Toni Orrill 

One of the best pieces of wisdom I received in seminary was from a professor who clarified something dominant in my life at the time. He said that when people put their hope, their being into something other than God, it will fail. When people put their hope in anything other than the true living Savior, Jesus Christ, their hopes and dreams and oftentimes their very being (if their identity is tied to that idol), will fail and crash. People will be crushed, dispirited and disillusioned.

It’s God’s way of putting life in perspective.

At the time, I was coming out of the world into Christ’s kingdom. I personally had put everything and anything above God’s true saving grace. My teacher’s words hit me with clarity and truth. Now I preface this saying as Paul, I raise both hands as a sinner saved by grace. Idolatry, that is worshipping, or putting our faith in things of this expiring world will lead to disappointment. It’s God’s way of smashing idols.

I write this as a native New Orleanian days after the Saints lost the playoffs due to human error, or human fallibility. Or just plain fixin.’ Everyone has an interpretation.

But of the scores of public opinions, we raise our eyes to Him, in His mercy and grace, teaches us our faith cannot be in a Who Dat but in the “I AM.” God is revealing himself to us in the kindest way.

Now let me say I have enjoyed football. On a Sunday. But I have loved church more. I have been satisfied by a win but have found deep enduring, lasting satisfaction in His never-changing love.

As I looked on the scores and droves of people worshipping the Saints on Sunday, I thought how different the landscape would look if these same people were flocking to His altar to worship the only true King worthy of all worship and praise. Not a saint.

Toni Orrill, M.Ed. is a novelist, poet and artist.

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