How to Find Writers of Like Mind

Teena Myers
Teena Myers

Communicating with writers of like mind and receiving feedback on your work helps you grow and improve your craft. Unfortunately, finding a writing group in your area may be impossible. The first writing group I joined had an attorney who drove an hour one-way every Monday night to attend the meetings. I eventually left that secular group to join a group of Christian writers. I became the one driving an hour one-way to attend the monthly meetings. A Christian writer in my new group trumped my dedication to improve my craft. She drove three hours one way to attend the meetings.

If a long journey does not fit your budget, there are other options via the internet.

Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers, but they also have groups for writers. Facebook is another option for connecting with writers. Both options are free.

Jerry Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series, has an online writers guild for Christians. The annual fee is expensive, but you receive professional help from a successful writer. He randomly selects work submitted by his members and critiques them online. He also interviews other professionals in a video format to help writers. 

Fanstory  is secular, but has a much cheaper annual payment. They offer fellowship, feedback and contests with cash prizes.

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