Has Morality replaced Christianity?

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Toni Orrill

By Toni Orrill

Can we have morality without Christianity or Christianity without morality? Both are interrelated, as we typically build morality upon Christian commands and principles. But Christianity is not dependent upon morality, for Christianity stands alone by the work of Jesus on the Cross. It will prosper, forge and increase. It will never die because Christ our Savior is a living God, right here, right now, ruling on Earth and over all creation.

People can claim to be moral or good people, but that does not mean they are Christians. While general morality is good and right, accomplishing moral thought, standards or behavior does not necessarily affect the Christian way.

Morality, as we know it in America, is primarily based upon Christian values and principles, but it is risky to equate a moral society with a true Christian nation.

From its earliest beginnings, Christianity was Christ, a fully human man, prophet, teacher, high priest who was God. In that, God himself became “incarnate,” or “In the Flesh” to make Himself known. God has always been a spirit, He spoke His word and create life. The Word or “logos” is Jesus. This is how God revealed himself to us here on earth in a special way. It’s called “Special Revelation.”

Jesus is God revealed to save. “And we KNOW that the Son of God (Jesus) has come and has given us understanding so that we may know the true One. We are in the true one-that is, in His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.” 1 John 5:21

The act of God becoming completely human in the person of Christ, while remaining 100% God, is one aspect that separates Christianity from other religions.

Christianity never needed a “nation,” it was a “Way,” the following of Jesus Christ and His teachings, hence, the root word Christ. It was not “religious” people, because Jesus’ closest friends, the Apostles, were sinners, lay people, average men and women with lives, jobs they left and human problems. Jesus’ teachings resonated in their hearts because they heard His truth and believed in His authority.

Those believers created a movement, not a country club for “believers,” but a group of people seeing Jesus, hearing His words of Truth, witnessing miracles and believing that He was the Son of God. Those beliefs at the time were radical, untraditional and contrary to the religious or “morally-upright” people of their day.

So, morality does not always convey Christianity, but Christianity should produce good morals as fruits of the Holy Spirit, who dwells and works in people’s lives. Christianity will always standalone for this reason.

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