The Adventures of Muffin the Poodle: A Day at the Spa

muffinBy Gina Russo

“Wake up, Mama Dear! Wake up! All my friends are waiting for me. It’s time to leave for my grooming.”

I love Grooming Day. I get to see Henry, Lilly, Cooper, and Samson. Their Moms are cool too.

Here we are in the car, and I’m watching out of the window. “There’s the building!”

“Turn in Mama Dear, turn in. Yippie! I’m here!”

I love when Mama carries me in. She always laughingly says, ‘Hereeee’s Muffin.’ Like that Carson Show. But that was before my time.

“Muffin’s here!” said Henry, wagging his tail.

“Woof, woof, woof.” sings Lilly, Cooper, and Samson.

Good, they’re putting me in the cage next to Henry He’s my favorite. Sigh.

Crash! Bang! Boingggg! Crash!

“What’s happening Henry?” I said looking around.

“It’s that new boxer, Tonto, he’s on the loose again.” said Henry.

“Look out Muff, he’s headed straight at you!” yelled Henry.

“Somebody! Helppppppppp!” I screamed.

Crash! Clang! Boinggggg!

“Muff, he crashed up against your cage! He’s looking you in the eye!” Henry said rolling on his back laughing.

“Well, hello big boy.” I said fluttering my lashes.

“Muffin!” Henry exclaimed.

“Okay, Okay! Here comes Andrea and Blair to the rescue.” I said.

“What’s he here for?” I said yawning.

“They drop him off for his shots, and he’s not happy.” Henry offered.

“Save my spot, Henry, I’m off to my bath.”

Wow, that dryer made me sleepy. Here I am back in my cage next to Henry, till the groomer is ready for me.

“Sorry Henry, gotta catch some ZZZZ.”

“Me too, Muff.” Henry yawned.

Here comes the groomer, no time for that nap.

“Do your thing, Ms Helen. Mama likes my hair cut just so. She loves my nails done with that dark red polish you use, just like my red bows. You make me look so beautiful. I feel like I’m at a Spa. Being pampered is what a Poodle is all about. I love it here.”

Well I’m all groomed and back in the cage next to Henry. Mama is on the way to pick me up. Think I’ll nap while I’m waiting.

Here’s Mama. And as they take me out of the cage I give Henry a big kiss on his nose.

“Thanks everyone. I love seeing all of you.”

“Bye Henry! bye gang! bye Tonto! See ya.”

“Woof, woof.” Cried Tonto.

“Bye Muff.” chorused Henry, Lilly, Cooper, and Samson.

“Look at me I’m beautiful again!”

“Mama, Dr. “B” said, ‘I’m their Rock Star.’ Wow!”

“Muff, you’re my ‘Rock Star’ too!” said Mama.

Mama took me in her arms and we headed out the door. We cuddled closer, as I said, “Mama Dear, I’m ready for my “Selfie.”

This story is dedicated to Dr. “B”, Andrea, and Dr. Wayne and his Staff at Northshore Animal Hospital.

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