At a Loss for Words

By Rebecca Gernon

If you have not written or edited anything today, get busy, you still have time. No ideas, let me give you a few.

How does one lose the stem of their watch in the oven? (I did this last night)

Why would anyone spray the weeds behind their 6 foot fence that no one sees? (I did this today)

Explain how a mystery tile just appeared in my kitchen. (This happened 2 days ago to me.)

Detail the benefits of living in South Louisiana from July through September. (Zero and counting.)

Write about a summer adventure. (Zip Lining for me.)

Where would you like to travel and why? (Antarctica, because it is so pristine.)

What is your philosophy of life? (Live each day as if it were your last.)

When did you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior? Has it changed your life?

Topics are endless. I’ve just given you a few.  If you consider yourself a writer, and you did not write today don’t delay. Publisher and editors do not go door to door knocking and asking for books and manuscripts to print. You must write and submit to be published, so what is your excuse. WRITE!