By Ingrid Green Adams, SCW Board Member


While living in the eleventh hour,

Why oh why do we always shower

Our loved ones, yes, friends and family,

With the stresses of life how could this be?

Resolved? Well I have the answer you know,

Just start early enough, yes plan and just go,

About your business, just handle things, that’s what you do,

It’s easy so why are we stuck and can’t think things through?

Truth be told, no one really wants to live in the eleventh hour,

Yes it’s full of stress and strife and afterwards there is no power.

Yes your mind has to somehow perform damage control,

In order to get things in order before you lose your soul,

To the person or persons who caused such disarray,

Yes living in the eleventh hour I must say,

Causes one to spend lots of time in prayer it’s true,

the time you’ve sorted things out I’m telling you,

Time has moved on and you must move on too,

Only now you feel so overwhelmed, so tossed and turned,

As you look at that loved one who caused your bridge to burn,

At least you will have learned one very important thing,

To prepare for the unexpected that living in the eleventh hour will bring.

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