Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

As others chat to and fro while you’re filled with gloom.

How could this be? Do you even know?

When there are folks all around I dare say so,

That’s it not true because I’ve experienced it a time or two.

Yes I’ve been in a crowded room, oh yes, I have you see,

While everyone is networking away but no one’s talking to me.

Of course you may find that a bit strange,

But people are peculiar and often times they change,

From one minute to the next it is true,

One day you think you know them and the next day the joke is on you,

Because that same guy who talked to you on yesterday,

Is now with his high society friends at play,

And yes you don’t fit in here, oh NO! You don’t,

You may live down his block but conversate with you now, he won’t.

May be his friends don’t think much of you,

And heaven forbid if he told them you were O.K. too,

Join their private network, oh no, on the contrary indeed,

You are not their type, no, not seed of their seed.

Did you go to the right schools? Wear the most expensive clothes?

Like they did, oops, you didn’t so only goodness knows,

How you ever got invited to an affair with the likes of them,

Don’t worry because that’s where the problem will stem,

If you try to be someone that you are not,

If you try your hardest and give it all you’ve got,

That still won’t impress them I’m telling you,

So go on and be yourself that’s the right thing to do.

Yes I know how it feels to be alone in a crowded room,

But if you love yourself first there won’t be any gloom,

Closing in around you while you are in that place,

Look around for the same look on someone else’s face,

That you share, oh yes; you’ll find someone just like you,

Then all of a sudden that gloom will be gone too.

There’s strength in numbers so don’t give up you know,

Just keep searching and soon your loneliness will go,

Away, guess what? That’s all you really, really need,

Find someone who’s also alone in a crowded room indeed.

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