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“Exceedingly Broad”

Psalm 119:89-96 Incredible truths about the Lord, the psalmist wrote about the Lord including His word stands, never changing; He is faithful throughout all generations; He spoke and creation came … Continue reading

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Abba, Father

Recently I read an article about Adam Busby the father of  six daughters, two-year old quintuplets and a six-year old daughter; the article was entitled “Super Dad.” I can only … Continue reading

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Doing the Right Things

Jerry came home from work and the storm door was left unlocked. A few minutes later Monty, my three-year-old neighbor, came in the door without knocking. He loves to come … Continue reading

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Longing for the Word

Picture a baby craving milk, instinctively crying for what he needs. When he receives the milk, the cry is reduced to a whimper to a sound of sucking indicating he … Continue reading

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Of First Importance

What are the most important words I should speak to someone? The Apostle Paul knew by personal experience and he recorded the words in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, “For I delivered … Continue reading

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A Mind Nest of Frazzling Thoughts

Recently I had been unsettled, upset, uptight, and in an uproar. “What is going on?” I asked myself. Then I came across a proverb Martin Luther quoted, “You can’t stop … Continue reading

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A Sabbatical

I have not written an “Influence” blog since June 2016.  Several circumstances in July and August contributed to this but in September I heard a small quiet voice saying “You … Continue reading

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Face to Face

 How today’s culture communicates has rapidly expanded due to technology. These staggering statistics from Google confirm this: 100 billion emails per day 23 billion texts per day 500 million tweets … Continue reading

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Final Hours

Betrayed Bound Arrested Abandoned Denied Questioned Falsely & Vehemently Accused Spat Upon Beaten Slapped Sentenced to Death Stripped Scourged Crucified Mocked Forsaken by God The final hours of Jesus life … Continue reading

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Unwavering Love!

Red Hearts, chocolate, roses, and mushy cards are all symbolic of Valentine’s Day. A day set aside to express love especially between those who have a romantic relationship. This holiday … Continue reading

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