Writing to Honor God

"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Slain in the Spirit

While surfing the internet, I stumbled across the Father’s Day church service that started the Brownsville Revival, also called the Pensecola Outpouring. The revival lasted for five years with more … Continue reading

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A Message from the Angels by Rebecca Willman Gernon

Originally posted on PAROUSIA Magazine:
  “What am I supposed to do?  Where am I supposed to move? Tell me. Give me a sign.” I’d lost track of the number…

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“Exceedingly Broad”

Psalm 119:89-96 Incredible truths about the Lord, the psalmist wrote about the Lord including His word stands, never changing; He is faithful throughout all generations; He spoke and creation came … Continue reading

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ONE: The Magic Number

One is the loneliest number per the old Three Dog Night song, but I think ONE is the answer. This revelation came to me while pulling weeds in my garden, … Continue reading

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Navigating the Path to Publication

Rebecca Gernon, author of Amy Signs: A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories (Gallaudet University Press, 2012) is speaking about The Path to Publication at the Southern Christian Writers … Continue reading

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Elohiym’s Words

Several years ago, I signed a contract with Amazon.com’s Shorts program that gave Amazon exclusive rights to Elohiym’s Words, a fiction short story about a wavering angel. According to the contract, … Continue reading

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Strong Debut for the SCWG Westbank

The Southern Christian Writers Guild Westbank had a strong debut meeting at Christian Fellowship Church. Writers of fiction, nonfiction, children’s authors and poets were in attendance. Teena Myers, Vice Chairman … Continue reading

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Submission Logs Offer Encouragement

Thoughts by Rebecca Willman Gernon I strongly believe every writer should maintain a Submission Log which lists item submitted, to whom, date sent, response, and comments. A Submission Log can … Continue reading

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Bibles and Champagne

I wasn’t interested in attending a boat christening but Rod, my husband, wanted to attend. Rod led me through the massive Hilton Hotel to the reception area on the docks … Continue reading

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Finding a Christian Publisher

Never Miss a Chance to Determine Who Publishes Books Like Yours Today while waiting for what seemed a lifetime for my husband’s prescription to be filled, my husband and I … Continue reading

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