Southern Christian Writers


Membership Benefits

All members in good standing* shall be eligible for the following privileges and benefits:

A member’s page on the SCW website to advertise their writing accomplishments, published works, website, social media and contact information.

Eligible to contribute articles to the website blog after approval by the board of directors.

Eligible to hold temporary positions as Members-At-Large on the Board of Directors.

Eligible to promote his/her work without charge at tables reserved by the SCW at events, conferences, and festivals.

Eligible to have his/her writing critiqued by the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers.

Eligible for grants to attend writing events, conferences, and festivals.

Eligible for other rights, privileges, and benefits that may be provided from time to time by the consensus of the Board of Directors.

*Members in good standing is defined as members who financially support the SCW, attend 70% of meetings annually (attendance requirement is waived for members who live more than 25 miles from the current place meetings are held), and agree in principle with the vision and direction of the SCW board of directors. Failure to maintain the requirements of members in good standing shall result in the loss of good standing privileges and benefits.


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