Writing to Honor God

"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Yvette Karcher

Yvette Karcher

Yvette Karcher

A high school biology teacher and mother of two, Yvette Karcher  uses her teaching gifts not only in the classroom, but also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others by breaking things down into simpler terms that people can understand, regardless of the subject material.  She has an enormous passion for spreading human trafficking awareness in her home community and dreams of using her life experiences, her gifts and her love to begin classes that train and educate pre-teens and teenage girls about self-worth, predatory relationships, overcoming hurt, bullying, and other essential topics that will prevent them from ever being targets of recruitment by traffickers.   Currently, she is writing a healing journal and CD full of healing songs for victims of abuse while she is on a sabbatical from teaching.


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