Writing to Honor God

"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Dallas McGlinn

Dallas McGlinn

Dallas McGlinn

Dallas McGlinn was proudly born and raised in the Greater New Orleans area.  After a rebellious youth, Dallas went back to school as an adult, received a GED, and put herself through night school until she obtained a Master’s Degree in Sociology.  Dallas chose Sociology because she always wanted to understand our community better and because she wants to help people to achieve their dreams and their goals.

Dallas enjoys encouraging people to discover the gifts we have all been given by God to help the people that He cares about – people who are poor or who are in need of His peace.  There is no feeling in the world as great as the joy that we experience when we give – not out of selfish ambition, but out of the pure desire to make a difference in our community and in God’s Kingdom.  In order to fulfill this purpose, Dallas published Gathering Magazine — a magazine devoted to community.  The goal of Gathering Magazine is (in no particular order) to: 1) remind our community at large that there are hurting people out there; 2) educate people about ways we can all pitch in and help others (whether by doing a little or a lot); 3) help nonprofits to get the word out about what they do so that they may gain support and volunteers; 4) reveal where there are gaps in services and encourage people to start their own nonprofits or to volunteer in some capacity; 5) share stories about people who make a difference and who have overcome great obstacles in their lives; 6) provide information about community outreach events and fundraisers; 7) encourage people with bible studies and devotionals, and 8) entertain people with puzzles, fun photos, and articles about our culture and history.

Dallas began writing “motivational” devotionals as part of her role of Director of Outreach at a local church.  After Hurricane Katrina, she began writing devotionals designed to help all of us to heal from whatever hurts exist in our lives.  Her goal is to publish Gathering Magazine as an online magazine, and after gaining readership and support, to print at least four issues per year.   It is her firm belief that there are times when actual print still can make a real impact. She also wants to continue blogging regularly, writing “life application” bible studies, and to publish a book of devotionals.

You can contact Dallas at: Dallas@GatheringMagazine.com

Gathering Magazine’s Website is:  www.gatheringmagazine.com

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One comment on “Dallas McGlinn

  1. awolp
    March 26, 2015

    I love your blog article. Very enlightening. You go girl –
    Donna Gentile

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