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"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Lynda Deniger

Lynda Deniger

Lynda Deniger

Lynda Wurster Deniger of Abita Springs, La. has been performing for audiences since she was three. This multi-talented singer/writer brings to life many Louisiana traditions in her first children’s book.

As a seasoned communicator with women’s groups, she exudes enthusiasm in every presentation. Children are sure to love the Salty Seas characters as well as the “Salty Seas Toot Toot” song that accompanies each live performance.


One comment on “Lynda Deniger

  1. Cindy dimaggio
    April 17, 2016

    Hello Lynda. My sis in law bought the patty the pelican book from you at a school. I would love to buy one also.. You see I volunteered caring for the Pelicans at fort Jackson and Hammond. I washed, fed, cleaned up their pens etc. I love these birds. That experience will always be the best I’ll ever have, how do I go about buying one and I would love to get it signed from you I would treasure it. Thank you.
    Cindy Dimaggio volunteer wildlife Rehabilitators La dept wildlife and fisheries

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