Writing to Honor God

"Those who honor me I will honor" 2 Samuel 2:30

Pamela Binnings Ewen

Pamela Ewen

Pamela Ewen

Pamela Ewen practiced law for 25 years, and recently retired as a partner from the law firm of Baker Botts in Houston, Texas. She is an experienced public speaker, including numerous radio and television interviews, and as a guest speaker for book clubs, reading groups, retreats, churches of all denominations, literary festivals, universities, and many other organizations.

She serves on the board of directors of the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, and is also co-founder of the Northshore Literary Society in the Greater New Orleans Metro area north of Lake Pontchartrain. Recently she was honored with the 2009 Literary Artist of the Year Award by the St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana Arts Council.

Pamela’s first novel, Walk Back The Cat, (rereleased as Secret of the Shroud) is a fast-paced suspense novel that explores through fiction many of the fundamental moral and philosophical challenges that readers face today. Readerviews.com called Walk Back The Cat “Christian fiction at its best.” This book raises questions for discussion on the intriguing puzzle of the Shroud of Turin, as well as such questions as: What fuels courage and heroic action? Does absolute truth exist? Absolute evil? How can we know? For more information on these issues, listen to the radio interview below.

Her second novel, The Moon in the Mango Tree, a 2009 Christy Award Finalist, is currently available online and in bookstores everywhere. Bret Lott, author of Jewel (an Oprah bookclub pick) said about this book: “The Moon in the Mango Tree is an old-fashioned–I mean that in the best sense-tale of love, adventure, faith, and the clash of desire and duty. The writing is wonderful. The story compelling.”

Bev Marshall, author of Walking Through Shadows, Right as Rain, and Hot Fudge Sunday Blues, said this: “Written in gorgeous prose, Pamela Binnings Ewen’s remarkable novel enthralled me like no other has for a very long time. Set in exotic Siam and pre-war Europe, this story of a young woman seeking the truth of herself captured my heart. I loved it.” This book raises for discussion the current hot topic- home or workplace for women? Can women have it all-or do they have to choose?

Dancing On Glass, Pamela’s newest novel, is the story of a young woman lawyer caught in a relationship with a man who isn’t what he seemed. A commitment made too soon–prayers seem to go unanswered, faith slips away, evil stalks, and as her perfect life unravels, she finds herself dancing, forever dancing, on shattered glass. Set in New Orleans in 1974, this suspenseful psychological novel will keep you on your toes!

Pamela’s best-selling non-fiction book, Faith On Trial, received significant feature coverage in newspapers around the country and by the Associated Press. This is a book for those without the gift of faith, or those who have questions in the night. Continuing the apologetics line of Faith On Trial, Pamela is featured in the film Jesus: Fact or Fiction, produced by Campus Crusade for Christ.

An Accidental Life is a tense courtroom drama, but it’s fiction based on fact. 

In a 1982 New Orleans courtroom the best kept secret in the world is about to unravel, and a young couple’s jet set lives are about to change. Senior district attorney Peter Jacobs is facing the trial of a lifetime, a passionate, spiritual battle against an evil with far reaching consequences. His beloved wife Rebecca, a glamorous and driven partner at a major law firm, suddenly finds her life spun out of control and her new faith tested while facing a once in a lifetime choice.

New from lawyer-turned-novelist Pamela Binnings Ewen, An Accidental Life is fiction based on fact: the testimony of registered nurse Jill Stanek before a U.S. Congressional Committee confirming that it was routine for doctors in Chicago’s Christ Hospital to have nurses take infants born alive during abortions down to a “soiled utility room” and leave them to die.


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