Critique Sessions

Writing can be lonely. Talking about your passion with family and friends is difficult if they are not writers. The purpose of Critique Sessions is to encourage writers, share writing experiences, help writers find their niche and offering critiques for those who desire feedback.

Please listen to the ART OF THE CRITIQUE before joining a Critique Session

We hope to return to the Gospel Bookstore next year Jan 2021. Until then all SCW meetings are on ZOOM.

If you wish to participate in the Critique sessions please listen to the audio file of The Art of the Critique and send an email to Teena at so you can receive the link/access codes to the ZOOM critique meetings and to receive the password for the Critique Members Page that has a list of all the participating members’ emails. 

Prose and poetry can be submitted for a critique. Please email your submissions at least one week in advance to participating members. You can still submit work the day of the critique session but submissions emailed in advance will be critiqued first. 

Ingrid Adams will lead the discussion on poetry submissions and Teena Myers will lead the discussion on prose submissions.