Angie Dent

Angie Dent cares about people and her passion for helping others shines through her writing. She writes fiction and non-fiction books to give people hope and bring peace of mind.  

Her short story collections are rich in faith and highlight relationships, family, and a brighter future.  

Angie writes with readers in mind and is guided in her writing by this belief: you never know what someone is going through or is concerned about. Her books bring encouragement to people and help them feel better about situations in their lives.  

It’s her desire, that through her books, people would know that God cares about what is happening in their lives. 

She began writing over ten years ago and has taken numerous writing workshops to advance skills in fiction and poetry.  

She enjoys trying new recipes, but if her kitchen could speak, it would be totally against it. She has been mentoring youths and serving the homeless for several years.  

She’s the author of the popular Just for Girlfriends!! series. Her other published books are: Food for the Soul – A Christian ExperienceFood for the Soul – A Journal for More Happiness, FINISH – 28 Declarations to Move You One Step Closer to Your DreamFINISH JOURNAL – A Guide to Move You Closer to Your DreamCovenant Keeper 2 – Stories of God’s Promises to Every Believer, Covenant Keeper – Poetic Stories of God’s Promises to Every Believer, and Cumplidor del Pacto.  

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